Sara Wallace :: Edge

Edge (Center for Book Arts, 2014)

Winner of the Center for Book Arts Poetry Chapbook Competition

In her chapbook Edge, Sara Wallace depicts young adulthood through the lens of the narrator’s addictive, sexually charged and short-lived marriage. After the inevitable betrayal happens, she finds she has squandered her youth and beauty, that she has (in the words of her husband) “spiraled down, and it hasn’t been pretty.” She is bewildered by her partner’s lies and her own credulity, and her doubt gives rise to larger doubts about the stories we tell others and ourselves, our attempts to understand the events that shape us. Edge is gritty but joyful—urban, imagistic, sensual, and often darkly humorous, Wallace chronicles how our desires survive us.

Praise for Edge:

Sara Wallace’s brilliantly conceived poetry is both searing and tender by turns. Visceral, fierce, and unapologetic, her poems confront the reader like a series of shattered mirrors. Operatic in scope yet incisive as a laser, this work will seize you–so be warned–and refuse to let go.

–David St. John


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